Personal relationships with clients throughout the representation is a priority for us. We stress communication and cooperation.

Some clients — once they commit the matter to a law firm — are not so concerned about having a personal relationship with their attorneys. Indeed, they might not even know who, inside the firm, will handle their matter. By contrast, some clients seek a more personal relationship. They are persuaded, as we are, that a close personal relationship allows the lawyer to acquire a better knowledge of the client’s business and, therefore, to enhance the value of the transaction.

CGC is dedicated to providing personalized service and to establishing durable personal relationships with clients in order to understand their businesses and objectives comprehensively. In short, we want not only to advise clients. We want to be part of their team.


Crystal and Giannoni-Crystal, LLC (CGC), is committed to providing high-quality legal services with passion, speed, and integrity in a few selected areas: Lawyers for lawyers servicesinternational servicescontract and business services.

This South Carolina, New York, and DC law  firm’s value is, above all, in the experience of its founders. Nathan Crystal has taught and consulted primarily in the field of professional responsibility and contracts for almost 40 years. In her almost vicennial career spanning Italy and the US, Francesca Giannoni-Crystal she has provided assistance to a wide range of clients (industrial, commercial and technological companies, banks & financial institutions, law firms) both domestically and internationally  in contractual issues, international agreements, technology and Internet contracts, and corporate law.

We focus on the legal areas in which we have significant experience. Broadly speaking, the firm practices in three areas:Lawyers for lawyers services, international services, and  contract and business services.  In addition we provide bridging (liaison) activities Common Law-Civil Law for both clients and lawyers (“bridging” services).

There are several circumstances in which an experienced transactional attorney can be of great assistance.

While CGC is primarily a transactional law firm, we offer some litigation services. Nathan Crystal is available to handle appellate cases, can serve as an expert witness (particularly in contract and professional ethics matters), and can represent attorneys and judges before the South Carolina Commissions on Lawyer and Judicial Conduct. We offer dispute resolutions also.  Francesca Giannoni-Crystal provides “bridging” services in transactions as well as in litigation.

We can provide professional legal services in English, Italian, and Spanish, and we can offer advice with regard to transactions and legal documents in German, French, and Portuguese.

In addition to the professionals “in alliance” listed in this website, the founders have strong links with international practices around the world, to serve clients’ cross-border needs in business law.


Crystal & Giannoni-Crystal, LLC is Member of Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce