When are shareholders and LLC members personally liable for corporate debts and liabilities?

Foreigners starting a business in the U.S. (and often also American business owners) wonder whether they can be called to answer for their company’s debts and liabilities. It is useful to understand that this can happen and it is even … Read More

TTIP: Public report of the 14th Round of negotiations issued

From July 11-15, 2016, the 14th Round of negotiations for the transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the US and the EU took place in Brussels. The Report is now available. This Round saw about 30 textual exchanges containing proposals … Read More

A “new” trend in the US: the jurisdictions where foreign law is “banned” – Part One

Since 2010 a majority of the US jurisdictions passed or tried to pass bills that to a different degree prohibit courts from applying sharia or more general foreign law if the latter has the effect to deprive the citizens of the … Read More

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) (or Internet of Everything) – privacy and data protection issues in the EU and the US

by Francesca Giannoni-Crystal & Allyson Haynes Stuart I.Introduction The Internet-of-Things (IoT) (or internet-of-everything as it is often interchangeably called[1]) is officially “the next big thing.” The growing proliferation of connected devices has far-reaching implications for consumer privacy and security at … Read More

Italian official interest rate – never so low

With a piece of legislation of last November (D.M. 11.12.2015, Official Journal n. 291/2014), the official interest rate indicated in Article 1284 Italian Civil Code has been lowered from 0.5% (as it was in 2015) to 0.2% a year. The … Read More

U.S. State Taxation – A Primer for Foreigners Choosing Where to Start a Business

This is Part Four of four blogs discussing which American jurisdiction is the best to form a legal entity?). In these four blogs I discuss several factors that you might consider when you choose where to form a business (read … Read More

Which American state is the best to form a legal entity? – An overview for foreigners – Part Two

We give here some additional insights on the choice of the jurisdiction where to form your entity. In Part One (here in Italian), we have seen how the choice of jurisdiction is important because it triggers the application of that … Read More

Which American state is the best to form a legal entity? – An overview for foreigners – Part One

After having decided that forming a new entity (as opposed for example to buying an existing business) is the best solution to do business in the US, a businessman is confronted with the decision of where (i.e., in which jurisdiction) … Read More

Material for program Martial Arts Ethics: Offensive and Defensive Techniques

Material for program Martial Arts Ethics: Offensive and Defensive Techniques. I would like to share my speaker’s material for the program “Martial Arts Ethics: Offensive and Defensive Techniques” (April 29, 2015 ABA SIL Spring Meeting 2015 in Washington). The material … Read More

If you buy shares of an Italian limited liability company, obtain a guarantee for the equity value of the company if you want to recover for contingent liabilities

A Milan court held that in a share transfer agreement, a transferor is only liable for contingent liabilities arising after the closing, if transferor guaranteed the equity value or acted fraudulently. The agreement of transfer of shares of a SRL … Read More