International Services

Opinions and Advice

  • We offer to companies, law firms and lawyers formal written opinions and telephone legal advice, e-mail advice, and in-person advice in all of the firm’s practice areas.
  • Possibility of general retainers for services during specified periods

Document Drafting

Contract Negotiation and Assistance in Domestic and International Transactions

  • Assistance to clients in contract negotiations, in order to protect clients’ interests and develop innovative solutions to enhance the value of the client’s transaction
  • Cooperation and association with foreign professionals when appropriate to the transaction

Internet Company Formation

  • Assistance in all matters related to the structuring of an T&C for Internet companies, virtual community, including license agreements, advertising agreements, terms and conditions

International Corporate Issues

  • Assistance in formation of businesses, establishment of joint ventures, and M&A operations directly or in association with local counsel
  • Drafting of intercompany agreements

Outsourcing of In-house Corporate Activities

–  Bridging Services in International Litigation and Transactions

Interacting with foreign clients or (when involved) with local counsel is difficult, not only because of language barriers but also because of legal and cultural differences.  A lawyer who is familiar with both legal systems can help.  Read more …

-Expert Witness Activity on Italian Law (on substantive law, procedure and law of privilege)

Judicial notice is required to enable the judge to apply foreign law in a case. Judicial notice is established pursuant to F.R.Civ.P 44.1: “A party who intends to raise an issue about a foreign country’s law must give notice by a pleading or other writing. In determining foreign law, the court may consider any relevant material or source, including testimony, whether or not submitted by a party or admissible under the Federal Rules of Evidence. The court’s determination must be treated as a ruling on a question of law.” Some states, for example such as Florida, have similar rules. Read more …

Servizi legali negli Stati Uniti per Italiani (persone fisiche, societa’ e studi legali) 

La nostra law firm puo’ prestare consulenza legale in italiano a persone fisiche, societa’ e studi legali italiani che necessitano servizi legali negli Stati Uniti nei settori in cui la nostra law firm opera. Per esempio: diritto societario (e.g., costituzione di societa’, contratti tra soci), operazioni commerciali internazionali, diritto contrattuale (e.g., negoziazione, redazione e revisione di contratti), contenziosi contrattuali, esecuzione di giudicati, assistenza su specifiche questioni processuali (e.g., notifiche internazionali, discovery, 28 USC §1782), questioni notarili (e.g., assistenza su procure). For informazioni: Francesca Giannoni-Crystal