Crystal & Giannoni-Crystal, LLC members have experience in bankruptcy matters. In particular:

  • Nathan Crystal served as court-appointed examiner in complex bankruptcy proceedings in South Carolina. In that capability, he reviewed financial records and corporate documents and operations; investigated transfers of assets during the one-year period prior to bankruptcy for fraudulent conveyances and invalid preferences; and participated in negotiations of sale of assets.
  • Francesca Giannoni-Crystal advised companies in Italy on bankruptcy matters (for example, on issues of fraudulent conveyances), on evaluation of litigation risks and financial statement disclosure, and on protection of assets of individuals (including fiduciary operations with Luxembourg). She took part in purchase operations of distressed assets.

By virtue of our experience:

  • Nathan Crystal can serve as a court-appointed examiner (U.S. only).
  • With relation to both the U.S. (Nathan Crystal) and Italy (Francesca Giannoni-Crystal), when necessary in association with other professionals, we can advise clients in financial difficulty, and we can advise other lawyers on the propriety of operations in sight of a possible bankruptcy. Our multilingual ability allows us to interact with clients of different nationalities.

We do not represent distressed companies and Chapter 11 debtors or creditor committees. Please do not contact to retain us as bankruptcy attorneys in these matters.

For information about the possibility to retain Nathan Crystal as a bankruptcy examiner or to have advice on issues inside his experience, please contact Nathan Crystal at

If you have issues of Italian bankruptcy or with reference to an interest in Italy or if you have concerns about protection of Italian assets, you are welcome to contact Francesca Giannoni-Crystal, Esq. at