Corporate and M&A

Crystal & Giannoni-Crystal, LLC can support its clients’ daily governance issues in Italy and, in cooperation with local professionals, in many other countries. Directly or in association with law firms with which we entertain long-standing personal relationships, CGC can manage and support clients’ M&A strategies in Italy and other countries.

Our ideal clients are:

  • Medium-sized entities (commercial and industrial corporations, Internet-based companies, financial institutions, and investment banks) that we can advise both in their ordinary governance issues and in their investment programs. We are available to serve as an outsourcing equivalent of in-house counsel for companies that do not have a full-time in-house counsel or are concerned about having an understaffed legal department.
  • Local law firms assisting clients in transactions having cross-border issues (including M&A) or assisting clients who have cross-border governance issues.

Francesca Giannoni-Crystal has experience in assisting clients in significant M&A operations in Italy (including operations with equity funds) and in day-by-day governance issues. Her background includes helping — in association with local counsel — incorporate companies, establish joint ventures, and solve corporate legal issues (immigration issues for directors among others) in many countries, including Argentina, Brazil, China, United Kingdom, and Spain.

Francesca Giannoni-Crystal also has experience in M&As in several countries (Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Spain, the U.K., and the U.S.) serving as secretary of boards of directors and committees of international groups; drafting intercompany and consultancy agreements; preparing internal memoranda for executives and auditors; and acting as the functional equivalent of in-house counsel.

Ms. Giannoni-Crystal is a dually qualified Italian “avvocato” and US attorney. Her training and practical experience in many domestic and international transactions means that as a member of your team, she can be the liaison who can translate and transfer information between you and your foreign client, between you and the local counsel. She can clarify the legal framework that your clients have in mind when they make questions or express concerns, and she can help make sense of the information supplied by local counsel. She can also help manage relationships with local counsel, and she can refer to and coordinate with local counsel around the globe if you need.

While we do not provide taxation advice, we can refer or associate competent professionals in many countries to serve the needs of clients.

If you think you are in need of an international corporate governance lawyer, you are welcome to contact:

Francesca Giannoni-Crystal, Esq. at

If you want general information about the firm or if you simply want to explore the possibility of outsourcing of your legal activities, you are also welcomed to contact Professor Nathan Crystal by using the online contact form, or calling the law firm at 843-628-7420 or toll free at 866-490-9126.