Technology and Internet Law

The Internet-based and mobile-added service industry presents complex issues; it is cross-border and international by definition. A law firm with the experience to handle issues involving local and global digital media or mobile media is critical to provide assistance both in the start-up phase and on a continuing basis when in-house counsel need precise assistance in the drafting and negotiation of contracts.

Crystal & Giannoni-Crystal, LLC has experience in drafting and negotiation of several types of technology and Internet agreements, including:

  • Digital platform agreements
  • Agreements with mobile carriers and aggregators (“integration agreements”)
  • License agreements with majors and “indies”
  • Agreements with societies of authors such as SIAE, SGAE, and SADAIC
  • Content supply agreements
  • Advertisement agreements, such as cost per acquisition (CPA), cost per lead (CPL), cost per sale (CPS), and media agent agreements
  • White label service agreements
  • Agreements in connection with virtual communities and entertainment services, including contracts with blog authors, payment systems, etc.
  • Partnership agreements for content distribution
  • Agreements in connection to Internet and mobile contests
  • Nondisclosure agreements in the technology field

Our experience includes advising companies operating in the digital distribution of music, lyrics and other content, including the drafting of T&Cs for Internet presence in several countries, directly or in association with local lawyers.

Crystal & Giannoni-Crystal, LLC can handle the drafting and negotiation of technological agreements and Internet/mobile related agreements. When it is necessary to advise on local regulatory matters such as privacy issues in Europe or consumer law, the firm can refer or associate local firms to meet the needs of clients.

While we do not provide taxation advice, we can refer or associate competent professionals in many countries to meet the needs of clients.

If you think you are in need of a technology and Internet lawyer, to handle a digital agreement or Internet-based agreement, you are welcome to contact:

Francesca Giannoni-Crystal, Esq. at

If you want general information about the firm or if simply want to explore synergic opportunities with CGC, you are welcome to contact Nathan Crystal by using the online contact form, or calling the law firm at 843-628-7420 or toll free at 866-490-9126.