Technology & Ethics Hotline

This is the page of our technology and ethics service, which is subject to the rules indicated below. For general inquiries about the firm and/or for retaining our firm outside of the hotline, please visit



The “ethics & technology” hotline (“Technethics Hotline”) is operated by CGC and staffed with CGC attorneys admitted in the following jurisdictions: South Carolina, Georgia, New York, and District of Columbia.

We only respond to inquiries from lawyers admitted in one or more of these jurisdictions who have ethical questions regarding their own prospective conduct.

The inquiries:

must be general  (i.e. not case-specific) (see below are EXAMPLE OF INQUIRIES*)

–  must relate to the intersection between ethics and technology.

[If you have a fact-specific issue (or an ethical issue that does not relate to ethics&technology) and you want to hire CGC, please go to go]

Attention: The hotline does not give answers on pending or threatened lawsuits (example in case a malpractice law suit is pending or threatened agains you) or a disciplinary proceeding has started or about to start.

The Hotline works by email only (

Your inquiry must be directed to

Your inquiry and must clearly indicate (i) jurisdiction/jurisdictions for which the answer is required (if more than one jurisdiction is indicated, the inquiry is counted for two or more jurisdictions, as the case may be and so is the relevant fee); (ii) your name, the law firm for which you work, your preferred email, address and telephone number; (iii) one question formulated in the hypothetical (only one question per email is accepted – if more than one question is submitted, the hotline will answer the first).

Attention:  You must NOT communicate name or personal information of  your clients or third parties. No other personal information except the ones indicated above may be submitted.

After CGC receives your email, you will receive a reply within the end of the working day following your inquiry (EAST).  The reply will say one of the following

(1) Technethics Hotline is available to answer the inquiry.  The coordinates for making the payment will be indicated; OR

(2) Technethics Hotline is unavailable to answer the inquiry (because e.g., your inquiry concerns one of the jurisdictions in which none of the Technethics attorneys are admitted) OR

(3) Technethics Hotline is unavailable to answer the inquiry but you will be contacted by one of the lawyers admitted in the relevant jurisdiction/jurisdictions because the matter submitted involves complex factual issues, or implicates a substantive area of law, which requires a more accurate analysis. By sending an inquiry, you consent to one of CGC attorneys to contact you.

In case you receive reply no. (1), after you make the payment according to the instructions in CGC email, one of the attorneys admitted in the relevant jurisdiction/jurisdictions will analyze your issue and provide an answer via email. You can expect to receive an answer within the end of the working day following the day in which we receive your payment (EAST).

The price for every one question email consultation is $125 (One hundred and twenty five dollars).




Example of proper inquiry: “Do I have an obligation to encrypt my correspondence with clients if the client has not expressed any special reason of precautions?”

Example of improper inquiry: “I represent Mr. Smith in a personal injury case. We are in the discovery stage of the lawsuit. Mr. Smith is not fearful that the defendant Ms. Jones could gain access to our correspondence in the case. However, …”

Example proper inquiry: : “Would I be subject to discipline if I use a cloud service to store the data of my clients without telling them?”

Example of improper inquiry: “I received a letter from the disciplinary office. They have received an ethics complaint from my former client Mr. Green. Mr. Green complained that I stored his confidential data with the cloud service XY without telling him and now XY has been hacked”.